Brake back plans to stick with annual MOT test rules

1st February 2012

Road safety charity Brake has backed government plans to maintain the annual MOT check on cars in the UK.

The backing comes after transport secretary Justine Greening announced that the government would maintain the annual MOT test system.

It follows months of debate within the motor industry over a potential move to bring in MOT testing on a biannual basis for drivers.

Campaign group ProMOTe opposed the suggestion, warning that drivers could face extra repair bills of £81 a year with UK roads also becoming less safe as a result.

Brake was among over 30 organisations to lend their support to the campaign warning that the changes could see around 250 more deaths and 2,200 more injuries each year.

Speaking in the wake of the decision , Brake deputy chief executive Julie Townsend welcomed the decision from the transport secretary.

She said: "The annual MOT is vital to road safety, and the government has recognised that; reducing its frequency would have inevitably meant more lives needlessly lost and more terrible injuries."


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