Jailed motorist in MOT regret

27th February 2012

According to reports from the Daily Mail, Jonathan Lailey landed himself in trouble with the law after attempting to conceal his ownership of a car involved in a minor road collision.

The 42-year-old first became involved in the MOT check related drama after becoming involved in a non injury bumper to bumper prang in a car park.

After knocking into the car Mr Lailey discovered to his horror that his MOT certificate had in fact expired.

The motorist then went to extraordinary lengths to avoid punishment, swapping the number plate on his black Alfa Romeo with an identical one he also owned and re-registering it with the DVLA.

He also forged papers to show he had sold the car involved in the accident to a Polish man living in Bristol, whose name and address he obtained from a newspaper ad.

He then sent back police forms posted to his home in Devon with a note stating the individual was "not known at this address" and even hid when officers did call in to check on the information.

Police grew suspicious of his behaviour and soon closed in on Mr Lailey, who subsequently confessed to his actions.

The 42-year-old was sentenced to six months in prison, with the episode serving as a timely reminder of the importance of ensuring you stay in touch with your local MOT test centre.

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