Plug-in vans reduce driving costs, says Business Minister

17th January 2012

Investing in a plug-in van means businesses can avoid fuel costs – freeing up money for any MOT check or replacement of tyres that may be required.

Business minister Mark Prisk highlighted the potential savings behind an investment in a low-carbon technology vehicle in an interview today (January 17th).

Mr Prisk was speaking after transport minister Norman Baker unveiled plans to offer van buyers 20 per cent off the cost of buying a plug-in van.

The scheme is being put forward in a bid to reduce carbon emissions in the UK.

However, while environmental concerns are one bonus, Mr Prisk believes many businesses could benefit from the overall money saved  in petrol and tax costs.

Business minister Mark Prisk said: "An upfront purchase grant, when combined with lower running costs and tax benefits, can make switching to an ultra-low carbon van an attractive choice for businesses."

The initiative would allow drivers to invest more in maintaining tyres, brake pads and exhausts, through a qualified dealer.

So far five cars eligible for the Plug-In Car Grant are available on the market, with a further five set to arrive in 2012.

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