Tips for making a motoring-themed New Year’s Resolution

9th January 2013

With the new year now here, many people may already be thinking about the fads that they should cut back on or the diets they should undertake in order to mark off their New Year's Resolution.

In fact, a number of individuals may already have broken the promise they made on New Year's Eve and indulged in that guilty piece of food or slacked off from the gym after working up too much of a sweat.

No matter where people find themselves this early in 2013, road safety organisation and breakdown cover company GEM Motoring Assist has a new resolution which it believes every driver should take on board – getting their beloved vehicle in brilliant working order.

David Williams, the firm's chief executive, acknowledged: "With the new year comes lots of personal resolutions and promises, which unfortunately often don't last the month. However, when it comes to your vehicle, if you look after it from the very beginning, it will serve you well throughout the entire year."

To get started with this motoring-themed New Year's Resolution, GEM Motoring Assist has encouraged every driver to book an MOT test as soon as they can.

Even if a vehicle has been checked at a garage just a few months ago, a number of problems or defects may have developed following another harsh winter across the UK.

Instead of letting these issues develop to the point where a motor can no longer leave a drive, it may be best to get the problems sorted and go back to enjoying worry-free road trips.

Of course, engineers are not required to check every little detail on a beloved car. Drivers can save themselves and the professionals hassle by checking whether their vehicle's tyres have the correct pressure and tread depths.

While carrying out this car maintenance check, why not also check the motor's fluid levels and the condition of the headlights and rear lights? The benefits will instantly be witnessed when a driver steps back behind the wheel once the work has been completed.

Some problems on a car can never be predicted while out on the open road though, but at least motorists can get themselves prepared should matters take a turn for the worse.

For one, drivers should ensure that they have the right policy available to suit their needs – perhaps it is best to choose breakdown cover which benefits the motorist and not their vehicle, for example.

It is always a daunting experience when a car grinds to a halt in the middle of the road or on an isolated countryside route. However, having a high-visibility jacket, warning triangle and torch in reach will keep the driver safe and sound while they wait for help to arrive.

Not all motoring-themed New Year's resolutions need to involve work or spending money though, as GEM Motoring Assist also encourages drivers to increase the number of times they wave as a courtesy for another road user giving way.

Mr Williams concluded: "We want motorists to start the New Year afresh by taking good care of their car and getting it in order now, to help make 2013 a much easier ride."

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