Motorists coming to expect long-term warranty cover

form 19th December 2011

‚ÄčMotorists are coming to view long-term warranties covering the cost of parts such as exhausts and car batteries as a necessity rather than an optional extra.

That's according to RAC Warranty, which explains that the longer new and used car warranties currently on the market are leaving many drivers uncomfortable at the thought of going without.

Ian Simpson, sales and marketing director of the company, said that it is seeing growing awareness of and demand for longer warranties, in the used car market as well as for new vehicles.

"The mindset of new and used car customers is changing as a result of the way all warranties have lengthened – with three years now the minimum at new car level and a year provided with many used cars," he said.

Mr Simpson suggested that motorists now have "a desire for, and possibly even an expectation of, continuous warranty cover," explaining that these products offer great peace of mind at a time when many drivers are uncertain about their future economic situations.

Posted by Danielle Barge