Motorists should check tyres ahead of the Easter break

26th March 2013

With the Easter weekend on the horizon, many Brits will be getting behind the wheel of their vehicle to visit friends and family around the country, while many families will be motoring off on family getaways during the school holidays.

Drivers should give their tyres a check before going on any long journeys to make sure they are in good shape to cope with the potentially troublesome weather.

Not only is there due to be snow and ice across the country, all the freezing weather will have littered Britain’s roads with potholes, which can cause great damage to vehicles.

Begin by ensuring the tyres have the right around of tread – at least 2.5mm, while remembering the law forbids anything below

If they are fit for road use and do not need replacing, check that the tyre pressure is correct, making sure to stick to the manufacturer’s recommendation and adjusting it according to the load in the vehicle.

Keeping them clean is also sensible. Ensure there is no dirt around the valves and remove any stones or other objects from the tread.

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Posted by Tyre checks are important during particularly adverse weather.