Motorway service stations come with a 40% mark up

20th December 2011

Most motorists would usually want to ensure their car oil levels are fully topped up before setting off on a long journey.

But for those times when we forget, motorway service stations can be a great convenience, offering up such products as well as a place to rest and have something to eat.

However, drivers should beware that using service stations can hit your wallet hard, with new research suggesting that products bought in these places carries a premium of 40 per cent over the high street.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists is now calling for a review of motorway prices, while also suggesting that petrol stations should advertise their competitors' prices next to theirs at the fuel pumps.

These suggestions are part of proposals to ensure that motorists are getting maximum value for money when buying products and services while on the road.

Simon Best, chief executive of IAM, said: "We must end this motorway madness. Everything from sweets to petrol have an outrageous mark up."

It is a good idea to always plan ahead when it comes to vehicle maintenance. Buying products such as engine oil online can ensure you get the best possible prices.

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