New tyre pressure detector produced

6th January 2014

A UK company has teamed up with researchers from Birmingham's Aston University to create a new device that can read the pressure of tyres fitted to vehicles as they drive over it.

The new device, developed by WheelRight, can be embedded into the road, allowing pressure sensors to collect data on the tyre pressures of cars, lorries and buses.

Currently the device is being tested at Swindon bus depot and may have its merits for businesses operating a fleet of vehicles.

It works by sending a notification to the appropriate person about the tyre pressures, enabling them to ensure the tyres are correctly inflated before the vehicle is used again.

The Road Haulage Association believes that the use of these embedded devices could be of benefit to its members.

Kate Gibbs, spokeswoman for the organisation, told the BBC that good maintenance standards are key to the safe and efficient operation of heavy goods vehicles.

"Certainly, in principle, we consider the 'drive-over' system to be a good idea. However, we would want to see firm evidence of its benefits and safety advantages before giving it the 'green light'."

Maintaining the correct tyre pressures on commercial and private vehicles is vital to the safety of those driving them and other road users.

Driving on under or over inflated tyres can have serious consequences. Correct tyre pressures can help to extend the life of the tyre and maintain fuel efficiency, which reduces costs dramatically.

Checking the pressure of tyres should be a regular exercise for commercial and private drivers and the creation of this new device could make things a lot easier for fleet operators, cutting down maintenance time a great deal and ensuring the vehicles that need tyre attention get it.

Drivers should also keep an eye out for other tyre issues, such as any severe damage, which may result in a blowout. Monitoring tyres closely and ensuring they are correctly inflated will reduce the chances of this.

Posted by Danielle Barge