Older drivers ‘just as safe’

30th November 2012

Contrary to popular opinion, older drivers are as safe as those from all other age groups and not only have better attitudes to safety, but also deal with hazards more effectively than young drivers.

That is according to research by the Institute of Advanced Motorists, which explained that older people can use their vast experience behind the wheel to give themselves a larger safety margin when on the roads.

Its report indicated that over 75s are just as quick to react to suddenly emerging or braking vehicles. Where they feel their reaction times may be slower, they tend to drive at slower speeds and keep a larger following distance compared to other age groups.

While the survey dismisses common misconceptions around older drivers, one area where many may struggle is with simple car maintenance, whether that's topping up water and oil or checking the treads of car tyres.

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Posted by Research suggests older drivers are just as safe as their younger counterparts when out on the roads.