Preparing your car for spring

Preparing your car for spring 27th March 2014

With the cold and wet weather of winter out of the way, now is a good time for drivers to take stock of the condition their vehicle is in and ready it for the warmer conditions that will soon hit the UK.

The Institute for Advanced Motoring offered a number of tips for keeping cars in top shape during spring.

Chief examiner Peter Rodger added: “After a long winter of wear and tear from snow, salt and potholes, your car needs attention. Preparing for the spring and making checks now can save you a lot of money in the long run."

First and foremost, particularly as more potholes will have been appearing on roads over the course of the winter months, it is important to check if these have done any damage to the vehicle. Potholes can affect suspension, wheel alignment and the condition of tyres.

Drivers should check to ensure that there are no lumps or tears in their tyres and that their wheels are properly aligned. If the latter is not correct then they may find that their tyres will wear out more quickly. They can have this checked and get a new set of tyres fitted by going to ATS Euromaster.

There are also some aspects of the vehicle that may not immediately spring to mind as an important aspect of driving. The air conditioning is one piece of equipment that could do with being serviced at this time of year. Not only will doing so affect the comfort of driving experiences but it is also a useful investment.

With the pollen count rising, hayfever sufferers will need as little irritation as possible to keep their driving at its best and air conditioning can aid with keeping their vehicle clear. That is in addition to replacing their pollen filter.

What's more, letting the vehicle get too warm can raise the risk of passengers suffering from travel sickness, so a working air conditioner will reduce the chances of needing to stop.

A properly serviced  air conditioner will also help the car smell better, as mould can build up in its condenser. It is worth asking a technician at ATS Euromaster for a car air conditioning service to fix these issues.

It is also very important to thoroughly clean the outside of cars at this time of year. As there will have been a lot of salt on the roads, this can cause cars to rust. If possible, drivers should take their cars to get the underside cleaned in order to remove traces of salt that may have been thrown up here.

With the number of flies, wasps and other insects set to increase on the roads over the coming months, drivers should make sure they can clean them off their windscreen. Their screenwash should be topped up, whilst wiper blades also need to be replaced.

Topping up screenwash can be done at home and can also be important for making sure a vehicle passes its MOT.

Replacing wiper blades is trickier but it also necessary to ensure the clear the windscreen properly and do not damage it. Old wiper blades need to be replaced regularly as they can leave marks on a windscreen and are also noisy.

Posted by Danielle Barge