RAC Advance gadget to better help motorists prepare for a breakdown

11th March 2013

Well-known breakdown organisation RAC has revealed that it is to launch a new device which can warn drivers of faults with their beloved car before they shudder to a halt.

Known as the RAC Advance gadget, the technology is only the size of a matchbox but has the capability of transmitting information about a vehicle both before and after a road trip.

All motorists need to do in order to gain access to this data is to simply slot the device into their car’s on-board computer system.

If a problem is detected by the RAC Advance gadget, the automated system will either receive a phone call, a text message or an email detailing the fault.

On top of this, the device, which RAC members will be able to rent for less than £10 a month, can help the breakdown service’s patrols diagnose what is wrong with a vehicle before they even turn up to a stranded motor.

David Bizley, the technical director of the RAC, acknowledged: “RAC Advance will revolutionise how we deal with our members.

“We know that some breakdowns can be avoided with a pre-emptive warning and intervention and this will significantly advance how we are able to deal with an actual breakdown or accident, reassuring our members that they are in safe hands.”

ATS Euromaster has a nationwide network of centres in place to carry out servicing and checks.

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