Regular tyre checks ‘can significantly expand a product’s lifespan’

23rd January 2013

Company car drivers and fleet organisations have both been encouraged to carry out regular tyre checks on their vehicles to ensure that they are not allowing the wheels to be damaged needlessly.

ARI Fleet UK, which formerly went by the moniker Fleet Support Group, has sent out the message after it conducted research that revealed the effects had on fleet operating costs due to people neglecting their car's tyres.

In fact, the organisation claims that poor driver care and maintenance accounts for the premature replacement of a quarter of tyres on vehicles that it manages.

This is highlighted by the point that ARI replaced a total of 33,861 tyres across the UK in 2012.

While 59.47 per cent of the products were replaced due to 'normal wear and tear', 15.64 per cent of changes came about due to unrepairable punctures and 24.89 per cent because of damage caused by under or over-inflated tyres and blowouts.

Richard Minshull, head of operations at the ARI Fleet UK, commented: "Tyre care is a vital part in prolonging tyre wear and getting maximum value from a set of tyres – and that is very much down to drivers.

"If uneven tyre wear is spotted early, then steps can be taken to 'pull' the tyre back into line."

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Posted by Company car drivers have been told of the importance of regular tyre maintenance checks