Report: ‘Lane change’ accidents cost UK motorists £437m

22nd September 2011

UK motorists are increasingly damaging their cars and tyres through dangerous lane change manoeuvres, according to new research.

Accident management company Accident Exchange has published new research which revealed that 152,000 collisions are now caused by lane changes, a rise of 48 per cent from 2009.

In the majority of these cases, the 'at fault' driver changes lanes without indicating and collides with another vehicle, while poor rear or side visibility is also cited as a typical cause.

The average cost of each accident is £2,876 in repairs, representing a total bill to UK drivers of around £437 million each year.

"The sharp rise in drivers seemingly unaware of the presence of another vehicle in an adjacent lane is pretty startling," said Lee Woodley of Accident Exchange.

"Today's cars are packed with 'active' safety equipment, but for some vehicles strengthened frames can mean reduced visibility and larger blind-spots. This is certainly part of the problem."

The research is based on 50,000 claims handled between 2009 and June 2011. 

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