The cost of Christmas for your vehicle

19th December 2012

The average household is expected to spend £445 this Christmas time, a study from the National Employment Savings Trust has found.

With all this spending, you may be tightening the purse strings on other areas of your daily life. Neglecting necessary spends and vital repairs on your vehicle should not be one of those areas.

The wet, cold and icy weather is notorious for causing more accidents on UK roads. Continental tyres reports that there are 6,393 more accidents on the road in winter than there are in summer.

Many leading organisations, such as Michelin, Tyresafe, AA and Autocar, recommend winter tyres to increase grip and handling on the treacherous roads. Winter tyres may stretch the bank balance somewhat, but the costs of an accident would be even greater.

You may think you can’t afford to pay for that vital tyre or brakes check. Fear not, ATS Euromaster offers these services for free. Not only does this prevent any damage to your bank account, it also saves a lot of hassle during this busy time of year and most importantly, might save your, or someone else’s, life.

Be safe this Christmas. Visit ATS Euromaster for low prices on winter tyres, or to arrange a free tyre and brakes check.

Posted by Danielle Barge