The highs and lows of chipping a car’s engine

7th February 2013

Chipping a car's engine is proving a key talking point in the motoring world, though the process has both its advantages and disadvantages.

James Foxall, a motoring specialist at the Daily Telegraph with over two decade's worth of experience in the industry, was keen to stress the benefits of re-mapping a vehicle's electronic control unit.

A strategy that can be completed in just 30 minutes, advertisements for chipping a car's engine claim that the process can present a vehicle with 30 per cent more power and an additional ten per cent of fuel economy.

On the flip side though, Mr Foxall established from a conversation with his car's manufacturer that his motor's warranty would be invalidated if the vehicle was found to be chipped.

Furthermore, the car in question would be deemed to have been modified through the strategy – a decision which would likely see a driver's insurance premium increase significantly.

Vanessa Guyll, a technical specialist at the AA, also pointed out to the Daily Telegraph: "The law of physics says you won't get something for nothing. In this case you might get improved economy but you might also find that your car doesn't drive as it once did."

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Posted by Drivers should think long and hard before chipping their beloved car’s engine