Top safety tips for younger drivers

Top safety tips for younger drivers 23rd January 2015

Earlier this month, the Institute of Advanced Motorists called for traffic education to be part of the national curriculum, and now a peer has called for more focus on young drivers to ensure they can stay safe on the roads. 

Labour peer Lord Jordan said that he wants to see a green paper published that would lay out more radical solutions for the danger younger drivers can cause to themselves and others. 

He said that although youngsters only account for one in every 14 drivers on British roads, they are involved in one in every five crashes. The disproportionate number of accidents involving young drivers highlights just how much they need to be addressed with an eye on improving general road safety. 

If you are a young driver, it can be tempting to think you automatically know it all and are a great driver, but this is often not the case. We take a look at a few of the top tips to improve your road craft. 

  • Keep on learning. When you pass your test and get your licence, it's important to remember that you're still not an expert. It's a bit of a cliche, but it's true that you really start learning the first time you hit the road without an instructor beside you. Once you've stopped lessons, be mindful to take it easy and build yourself up to more challenging drives, learning all the time. 
  • Pass Plus. Most driving instructors will teach you how to drive in favourable or 'easy' conditions, but this doesn't necessarily fully prepare you for the open road. A Pass Plus scheme can get you out at night, on motorways and in adverse weather conditions, all of which can be valuable skills to learn.
  • Keep it simple. After you've passed, it's important that you don't just leap in the car and start driving long distances. You might want to venture out and try somewhere new, but you should never do this straight from the off. Drive locally at first before you decide you want to tackle that five hour road trip down the motorway. 
  • Look after your car. Finally, make sure your car is in a good state of health. Many young drivers will opt for older cars, largely thanks to their price. If you have done this, it's important to make sure that the car is safe and in good condition. You can do this by having it taken in for a full vehicle safety check. This will put your mind at ease and ensure you are safe when you venture out. 

Posted by Danielle Barge