TyreSafe: Check for damage more frequently

TyreSafe: Check for damage more frequently 27th March 2014

Drivers are being urged to check their tyres frequently to make sure that they are not incurring damage, following an influx of potholes across the UK's roads.

The campaign group TyreSafe reminded drivers that if damage to tyres from potholes is not tackled then it can raise the risk of being involved in an accident.

This follows on from the wettest winter on record, which caused many more potholes to appear across the UK than usual for the time of year. To counter the damage to the roads, the government announced that funding will be made available to fix these potholes.

Stuart Jackson, chair of TyreSafe said: "While the announcement of extra funds to help repair the UK's roads is welcome news, this will not happen overnight,

"In the meantime, it's critical that drivers pay particular attention to the condition of their tyres and wheels as hitting a pothole can cause significant damage. If this damage is left unchecked it can present a very serious safety risk for them and other road users."

Potholes can affect  tyres, wheel alignment, suspension and can crack alloys. Therefore, these are the areas that drivers should pay closest attention to when checking to see if their vehicle has been damaged.

They should check to see if their wheels have been buckled and if their tyres had incurred any bumps, bulges or tears. In the days following hitting a pothole, they should also check their tyre pressure to see if they are gradually losing air. If so, this may suggest that either their wheel rim or tyre has been damaged.

While driving, attention should also be paid to the vehicle's handling. If the driver notices any changes then this could suggest that their wheel alignment is off.

Should drivers notice any damage to their wheels, tyres or other parts of their vehicle from running over a pothole, then they should take their car to a technician at ATS Euromaster to have these fixed and replaced.

Posted by Danielle Barge