What are the most irritating things other drivers do on the road?

What are the most irritating things other drivers do on the road? 30th January 2015

At some point, everyone who drives regularly will have found themselves irritated at something another driver does on the road, but what are the most annoying bad habits of others that get under the skin of British motorists? 

According to a survey from car rental company Flexed, there are a number of habits that really tick motorists off, and they range from the understandable to the downright bizarre. Surprisingly few actually even focus on safety and how fit for the road a car is. 

Mark Hall from Flexed said: "There's a serious point to this as it shows the frustrations British drivers face on our roads every day, which could lead on to more serious incidents if tempers aren't controlled. It's very easy for us to suggest that drivers take a more relaxed attitude to their motoring when they've been stuck in a traffic jam for the best part of an hour, but it's something that hard-put road-users really have to take on board."

So just what are the worst offences that offend British drivers? We take a look at a few.

Lack of courtesy – Whether it's a failure to thank another driver for letting them out of a junction or allowing them to pass, the inability to show some courtesy with a simple little wave or nod is sure to annoy Brits. 

Mobile phones – Use of mobile phones at the wheel is dangerous, illegal, and can lead to drivers getting penalised with three points on their licence and a fine of a minimum of £100. Brits also ranked this as the second-most likely factor to annoy them on the road. 

Lack of motorway skills – Another habit that is likely to see drivers getting annoyed at their fellow road users is when they take up the middle and fast lanes of the motorway and drive at slow speeds. This can be a highly dangerous practice, and the outside lanes should strictly be used for overtaking.

Tailgating – As dangerous as it is to drive slowly, the opposite is also true, of course. Some drivers will take their annoyance at people not going fast enough too far and end up driving right on their bumper, which also comes with the potential to cause accidents. 

Roadcraft – Making sure all the car's lights work and replace dead bulbs before taking to the road is an important aspect of any journey, but according to British drivers, many are not even using their lights, with a failure to indicate at junctions joining the list of the top five things that irritate us on the road. 

Posted by Danielle Barge