German researchers unveil new smart tyre

24th April 2012

Researchers from a university in Germany have developed the world’s first-ever intelligent tyre which is designed to adapt to changing weather conditions.

The new type of tyres have been created by Detlef Riemer and a team of scientists from the University of Applied Science in Leipzig.

They unveiled the innovative compound at this week’s Hanover fair, the world’s biggest industrial fair, which is taking place in Germany this week.

According to the team behind the design, the new adaptive tyre has been fitted with special electronic sensors, which are able to recognise various types of road terrain and also overall weather conditions.

These sensors react accordingly, with the compound profiles automatically widened or raised based on the requirements of the road ahead.

Speaking at the presentation, Mr Riemer noted that the new rubber designs could spell an end to having to purchase winter tyres.

"Today's choice of tyres are always a compromise between the ability to brake and petrol consumption," he said.

"The driver no longer has to think about adapting their tyres. The tyre itself 'thinks' too."

Fortunately for tyre fitting firms everywhere, the compound remains some way off reaching the retail market.

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Posted by Danielle Barge