Heroic motorcyclist builds Batbike

31st August 2012

The Dark Knight may be renowned for his 'tireless' pursuit of crime, but one driving enthusiast has proved tyres are actually vital to his operation – by recreating a fully-functioning replica of the superhero's motorbike.

Mechanic Tung Lam has earned himself the nickname the 'Vietnamese Dark Knight' after transforming a £90 motorbike and some scrap metal into a Batpod copycat and posting a wildly popular video online of him showing off his wheels.

The innovative petrolhead added scrap metal to a modified Suzuki FX125, replacing the original tyres with car wheels to ape the Batpod's famously chunky tyres.

You'd think the feedback would be pretty positive, but some comic fanboys lived up to their reputation for pedantry, pointing out problems with the bike's steering and arguing it's not that similar to the movie motorbike after all.

Oh well, you can't please everyone. But Tung Lam's ambitions are far from quenched – he's hoping to sell the bike to a hardcore Dark Knight aficionado and use the money to recreate Batman's Tumbler – the car the motorbike detaches from.

Vietnam's parking attendant's must be holding their breaths in anticipation…

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Posted by Danielle Barge