Juliets and Ruperts most likely to speed, says research

speed 22nd June 2012

You may want to take care when hitching a lift from any friends named Juliet or Rupert, according to Diamond Research.

The advice comes after research conducted by the women's car insurance firm revealed these to be the most common first names of drivers caught speeding.

In order to come up with the findings, the specialist coverage company looked at the records of three million motorists to find the most-common names of those racking up points for speeding.

Juliet came top out of the female motorists, followed by Susannah, Justine, Deirdre and Alexis; with Rupert leading the way for male drivers, followed by Julian, Piers, Giles and Justin.

The study also showed that surgeons and chartered surveyors were the most common types of professional to have been clocked for speeding, with area sales managers, commercial chairmen and chiropractors following just behind.

Commenting on the findings, Diamond managing director Sian Lewis said: "It was most surprising to see surgeons and other well-qualified professions top the list of occupations most likely to have a speeding conviction.

"Many people would also consider the names Juliet, Alexis, Rupert and Piers as traditionally middle-class names so it's also interesting to see them feature highly as well," he added.

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Posted by Written by Danielle Barge