Korean artist’s new sculptures anything but tyre-d

30th March 2012

An imaginative artist from the Far East has unveiled his latest creation – a series of sculptures crafted from used car tyres.

Yong Ho Ji, from Korea, developed the idea of making his models from tyres after visiting a scrap yard in search for car parts, according to The Sun.

It was there that he got the idea to develop a series of compound-based models of animals, spending the next few months developing his designs.

Yong Ho created the models by cutting each tyre into thin strips before moulding them together into shapes of animals, with up to 50 different tyres used on each sculpture.

His models so far include a rhinoceros, a lion and a Minotaur, the popular creature from the ancient Greek myth.

Speaking to the news provider, he said: "Because of their rubbery nature, tyres can be cut, bent, and manipulated into many different forms and shapes. The flexibility and the strength of tyres drew me to them.

"Every artist has their own medium they work best in and for me it's definitely old tyres. You could say I'm burning rubber."

The story comes just months after four British artists were commissioned by Cooper Tire Europe to create for pieces of art using the firm's tyres.

Posted by Danielle Barge