Men biggest moaners among older motorists

29th June 2012

New research has revealed that male motorists over the age of 50 are nearly twice as likely to complain about a perceived motoring injustice as women of the same age.

The findings come as part of a new survey by Saga Motor Insurance that found that 16 per cent of men would complain they were the victim of an unfair speeding fine, compared with just nine per cent of women.

A further 27 per cent of men would also complain about a parking ticket, compared with the much lower figure of 18 per cent of women.

In all, two-fifths of drivers felt they were the unfair victim of a parking ticket, while one in ten motorists believed they had endured a speeding ticket injustice.

Chief executive Roger Ramsden said: "Unfortunately the research doesn't prove if men are better drivers than women, but it does show that men feel more hard done by when things don't go their way."

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Posted by Written by Danielle Barge