Motorist in tyres hell over giant pothole

10th February 2012

A motorist has been forced to repeatedly purchase new tyres after encountering the same giant pothole on three different occasions over a six-month period

Michael Nester first encountered the damaged highway last year, which led to the first instance during which one of his car tyres burst.

In August, after noticing the problem remained, he decided to contact the Bedford Borough Council over the pot hole, which damaged his tyres a further two times.

Situated on the B530 near Houghton Conquest, the pothole has tormented Mr Nester and more importantly his wallet, with the motorist forced to pay out for more new tyres each time.

Speaking to Bedford Today, he said:  “I’m really angry that they have pretty much ignored all my calls…I have had to replace three of my tyres and people now drive around it to avoid it. It’s really dangerous.”

Despite the criticism a council member assured Mr Hester that work had been completed on the pothole, with the highway undergoing subsequent checks as a result.

The case follows criticisms from Warranty Direct, which revealed that motorists have to pay around £1 million a day in repair costs because of potholes and other road surface damage.

Posted by Danielle Barge