Mum knows best when it comes to driving, says survey

16th March 2012

Children across the UK prefer mum's driving over that of their dads, according to research from Gem Motoring Assist, that comes just days before Mother's Day.

According to the research, mum is less prone to driving too fast, being aggressive and losing her temper on the road which could equate to reduced wear on tyres and car engines.

The Gem survey polled just under 1,300 children ageed five to 16, with 60 per cent stating they were happier and more relaxed when mum was driving.

Reasons ranged from the assertion that mums were less likely to suffer road rage and rarely weaved impatiently in and out of traffic to get ahead.

Mums were also backed by children to conduct the daily run to school, with seven out of ten noting that their mothers often sing their heart out while driving.

David Williams, chief executive of Gem Motoring Assist, said: “We think Mother’s Day is the perfect time to release these lovely facts about ‘mummy motorists’.

“It is important that children do not see their parents driving too fast or too aggressively, as this could have a long-term effect on what they see as ‘the norm,'" he said .

Despite these positive results, the majority of children did admit mum was more likely to stall the car and struggle with basic manoeuvres.

Posted by Danielle Barge