Nearly one in five play Draw Something while driving

27th April 2012

A new survey has revealed almost one in five  under-25s who have the popular iPhone game Draw Something have played it while driving.

This alarming statistic is just one of the findings of new research conducted by car insurance firm ingenie designed to highlight the dangerous use of smartphones by young motorists.

According to the study, over 40 per cent admitted to answering their phones while driving without a hands-free set, with 44 per cent confessing to having sent a text message at the wheel.

Social media sites also proved troublesome, with one third of under-25s surveyed admitting to checking their Facebook account while driving.

The statistics indicate the danger of mobile use when driving, with tyres and bodywork potentially at risk to damage when drivers get distracted.

Commenting on the findings, ingenie founder Richard King warned "social media and mobile is creating a new breed of in-car distraction".

"As well as not texting or making calls, we should all pledge not to tweet, update our status or be tempted by anything else our phone has to offer whilst driving," he added.

The majority of young drivers evidently concurred on this point, with 58 per cent of drivers aged 17 to 25 that were surveyed agreeing that smartphones were a serious distraction when driving.

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Posted by Danielle Barge