Over 75% of drivers consider retro-fitting more parts to improve economy

retro driving 25th January 2012

The majority of UK drivers would consider retro-fitting parts like brake discs and exhaust systems in a bid to save money in the long term.

That is according to research conducted by thatGreenCarWebsite.co.uk, which quizzed drivers on whether they would consider altering their car.

Opting for engine chipping or a conversion to allow vehicles to run on biofuels or LPG are some of the options available to UK drivers today.

According to the research, 78 per cent of drivers from a group of just over 500 visitors to the website backed these retro-fitting techniques.

In most instances, these drivers were motivated by economical and environmental savings that could be enjoyed by fitting new car parts.

The move comes as the price of petrol continues to rise, with petrolprices.com citing an average cost of 133p a litre in the UK today.

But despite the suggestion many drivers would consider retro-fitting the eco car website also endorsed regular check ups with a qualified garage.

As the firm explained in a statement: "Good car maintenance still remain some of the easiest as well as the cheapest ways to improve your economy."

Posted by Danielle Barge