‘Pimping your ride’ could reduce its value, says BCA

28th May 2012

British Car Auctions (BCA) has urged motorists to think carefully before moving ahead with any customisation work, as upgrades could end up reducing the re-sale value of  their car.

The warning comes as the practice of "pimping your ride" continues to enjoy popularity among younger drivers who are often eager to invest in giving their vehicle a unique look.

But while such modifications may be striking to the eye Tim Naylor, editor of BCA's Used Car Market Report, warned that these changes could end up being damaging to the wallet.

"The majority of motorists are wary of any upgrades that are retro-fitted, particularly on younger cars, where there are concerns that this might void any warranties," he explained.

"And by modifying a standard car you are actually reducing your potential audience of buyers."

Car tyres are no exception to the rule, with Mr Naylor warning motorists to avoid adding wide arches and fat tyres to their vehicles.

He believes that this look often puts prospective buyers off, as such specialist tyres are often more expensive to replace and could reduce the re-sale value of a car by as much as £500.

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Posted by Danielle Barge