Pump up the volume: Britain’s biggest ever petrol station opens

28th September 2012

The price of fuel may be a frequent aggravation for drivers, but one thing's for sure: demand for it won't be tailing off any time soon.

As a reflection of this, September 2012 marks the opening of the UK's biggest petrol station, situated off the M25 near Cobham, Surrey.

The site sports a remarkable 36 pumps and 141 nozzles to dispense fuel, supplied by underground storage tanks that can hold a 1.3 million litre payload of fuel. Filling up your car may take all of two minutes, but it takes a whole week to completely fill this depository.

Up to 3,400 motorists a day can fill up their pride and joy at the station, owned by Shell.

However, with an estimated 150,000 cars passing the location every day, the big money spinner for the oil company won't be petrol – Shell UK's marketing manager David Wood believes the station will make its biggest profits selling coffee and food to peckish motorists.

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Posted by Danielle Barge