Questions remain over when to change engine oil

engine 22nd February 2012

How frequently you should change car oil is something that many motorists are unclear on.

While precise times will change based on the type of car you drive, how often you drive it and the type of engine oil that you use, one old adage is that you should do so every 3,000 miles.

However, this is something that is disputed by some, with US car marketplace suggesting motorists lose hundreds of pounds over the life of a vehicle throwing away good oil.

If confusion reigns, it is a good idea to look at your service manual, which should give you a guide, as well as talking to experts.

While no one wants to throw away good oil, it's not worth risking the health of your engine by putting off an oil change longer than you should just to save a few pounds.

As well as making sure your oil levels are topped up, don't neglect other car fluids, including water for the radiator and screenwash for the wipers. Anti-freeze is important too, particularly at this time of year.

Posted by Danielle Barge