Two men arrested for dumping over 3,000 tyres in Welsh village

dump 23rd December 2011

Two men will face criminal prosecution after being arrested for illegally dumping over 3,000 used tyres in a Welsh village last week.

The two individuals, aged 35 and 23, are believed to be from the local village of Glan Conwy, where the used compounds were dumped.

Officers from the Environment Agency Wales along with the North Wales Police made the arrests following days of appeals after the dumping incident.

Over 3,000 tyres were found strewn across the small Welsh village with discoveries made in the Conwy estuary, A470 trunk road and the Conwy Valley railway line.

The pair were eventually caught after being routinely questioned following the discovery of yet more tyres in a garage close to their homes.

Dumping tyres is widely frowned upon due to the risk of fire and pollution that the practice presents. In any instance where compounds need to be disposed of, vehicle owners should look to contact a specialist or local garage for advice.

Sian Williams from Environment Agency Wales said: “Waste criminals undercut legitimate companies who follow the rules – as regulator of the waste industry we investigate any reports of waste crime to ensure there is a level playing field for all businesses in the sector.”

Posted by Danielle Barge