Tyre slasher to star in Bizarre Crime programme

crime 13th January 2012

A motorcyclist who went to prison after slashing over 1,700 tyres is set to feature in the new BBC Three Bizarre Crime series next month.

According to a report in the Bournemouth Echo, Ashley Carpenter is set to feature in the 27thFebruary edition of the programme, which looks at odd crimes in the UK.

Mr Carpenter made headlines back in Christmas 2003, after waging a ten-day war against motorists after being nearly knocked off his motorbike.

In the aftermath of the incident, he suffered an extreme bout of road rage, opting to attack and damage the tyres of 700 cars in the region.

Police soon caught the compound compressor though, with CCTV footage capturing his strange spree.

In all, Mr Carpenter racked up £250,000 worth of damage and was jailed for 16 months.

Speaking in an interview with the local paper after his release, the 37-year-old said: "It was wrong and it was shameful to go out at night and sabotage car tyres. I am so sorry."

The story highlights the importance of regular checks on tyres for road and vandalism damage, particularly for car users living in built-up urban areas.

Posted by Danielle Barge