Uniroyal Tyres poll sees Prince’s Purple Rain voted greatest ever rain song

vote 25th November 2011

Prince's classic hit Purple Rain has come top in an online Uniroyal Tyres poll of the greatest rain songs ever written.

The artist formerly known as Prince beat off stiff competition from The Weather Girls who claimed second spot with their seventies anthem It’s Raining Men.

Guns N Roses had to make do with third place for their 1992 epic November Rain, with Axel Rose no doubt cursing the luck of the purple-suited chart leader.

A total of 2,000 music fans voted in the countdown which was created by Uniroyal tyres in a bid to highlight its wet weather safety campaign.

The poll also quizzed voters about their experiences of driving in wet weather with over 50 per cent admitted to finding travelling in the rain stressful.

Around a third of drivers admitted to having been involved in a near miss or accident as a result of rain too.

Yet despite these figures, one in five of the drivers surveyed confessed that they often failed to back-off the car in front, even in wet conditions.

Uniroyal tyres safety expert Tim Bailey said: "As the amount of water on the road increases, this reduces grip for cornering and braking and there is an increased risk of aquaplaning."

"The right choice of tyre and regular tread depth checks is critical to help avoid both this and longer braking distances," he said.

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Posted by Danielle Barge