World’s oldest Ford goes to auction

14th September 2012

It's not uncommon for someone to hang onto something a little bit vintage in the hope it will one day be worth something, but would you be willing to leave an old banger clogging up the family garage for over 100 years?

It might just be worth it, as the world's oldest Ford motor car is set to prove. Going to auction next month, this mean machine is expected to fetch a cool £300,000.

The 109-year-old Model A Ford, known as Chassis 30, was the third car ever to roll off the company production line back in July 1903.

With its deep red paint job, raised driving seat, ornate hand horn and cartoon headlights, the car looks like a cross between kids' TV favourite Brum and Santa's sleigh, but it's clearly been kept in beautiful condition and there's nothing funny about the new price tag.

The car's tyres are also a timely reminder of just how far we've come since the birth of the automobile. You can view the car here.

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Posted by Danielle Barge