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Michelin CrossClimate Tyres

Be prepared for every weather with the CrossClimate from Michelin; the first ever summer tyre to also receive winter certification, meaning you can use the same set of tyres throughout the year without having to worry about the changing of the seasons.

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Advantages of CrossClimate

  • World’s first summer tyre to receive winter tyre certification
  • Rated “A for wet weather braking
  • C-B fuel rating for better mileage
  • The only set of tyres you’ll need through the year
  • Proven to last almost 5,000 miles longer than the average mileage of competitor brands
  • Free fitting at more than 340 ATS Euromasters nationwide
  • Price includes valves, balancing, disposal and VAT

The Michelin CrossClimate tyre represents the successful fusion of summer and winter technologies to create Michelin’s first ever summer tyre with winter certification*. The Michelin CrossClimate is the latest illustration of Michelin Total Performance. 

*3 Peak Mountain Snow Flake, winter approval. 

Michelin CrossClimates are available from £64 including fitting, valves, balancing & disposal of your old tyres. 

Michelin CrossClimate at ATS Euromaster

ATS Euromaster were proudly among the first suppliers in the UK to offer the Michelin CrossClimate, and they are now available from more than 340 of our fitting centres across the UK, with hourly appointments available to book online.

Our prices include fitting, valves, balancing, disposal of your old tyre and VAT, so the price you see really is the price you pay. The Michelin CrossClimate is available now from £64, in sizes to fit a wide range of vehicles. 

The ultimate all-season, all-weather tyre

The Michelin CrossClimate is the first truly all-season tyre, and ensures that your car is prepared for journeys no matter how unpredictable the weather is. Not only is the CrossClimate perfect for summer and winter driving but you’ll also find superior handling in wet weather, with an “A” wet braking rating.

Each CrossClimate utilises a specific “V-shape” tread pattern which is unique to this tyre, along with higher-performing sipes, which work in tandem with bevel-edged tread blocks to guarantee effective braking in dry conditions as well as excellent grip on snow. During development the CrossClimate underwent 1,000 laboratory tests including heat tests with a range of 70 degree Celsius to ensure it performs well in all temperatures.

Improved fuel efficiency and tyre life

In addition to improved year-round safety and performance your Michelin CrossClimates can also help save you money thanks to their excellent fuel savings (rated “C” for rolling resistance for most available dimensions) and outstanding level of tyre life, with DEKRA testing showing that they last an average of almost 5,000 miles longer than competitors.

CrossClimate tyres combine knowledge and technology from Michelin’s most popular summer and winter tyres, along with a fusion of new compounds to create a tyre that presents the best of both worlds: superior performance and economy in the dry and excellent grip in snow, rain and cold weather. 

Developing Michelin tyres that deliver Total Performance

MICHELIN is committed to delivering the highest level of combined performance – safety, longevity, fuel saving, comfort, driving pleasure, etc. – in every tyre we develop. So you never have to settle for just one of them. It’s what we call MICHELIN Total Performance.

The never-seen-before fusion of summer and winter technologies found in the new MICHELIN CrossClimate tyre is the latest example of this commitment to MICHELIN Total Performance. With this industry first, MICHELIN has succeeded in developing tyres that deliver excellent all-around performance in every weather condition.

How do Michelin CrossClimates work? 

Discover the new MICHELIN CrossClimate tyre.
A major Michelin tyre innovation
It offers the advantages of summer tyres in wet braking, dry braking, longevity, & fuel efficiency,
and the advantages of winter tyres in traction and braking for consumers driving in cold or
occasional snowy conditions. With the simplicity of only one set of tyres all year long!
Fusion of
an intelligent
new mix of compounds
Innovative association
of bevel-edged tread
blocks with the higher-
performing sipes
of a unique V-shaped tread
pattern with new
higher-performing sipes

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