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B2B - Agri Tyre Performance

Agricultural Tyre Performance Services at ATS Euromaster

At ATS Euromaster, we know that the correct choice of tyre, supported by expert advice and tyre services when you need them, is vital for farmers, contractors and plant companies to be able to get their job done safely and on time.

Getting it wrong could cost you your profit and productivity. So it's worth speaking to our experts to find out exactly how our range of tyres and services for agricultural and plant industries can keep you moving in the most challenging environments.


A water and Anti-Freeze mix added to a built up tyre and rim to aid traction in the field.

  • We can perform ballasting on your site as long as you have access to running water
  • Just let us know the sizes of the tyres to be filled in advance so that we can determine how much anti-freeze to order


Replacement Wheels

We offer both steel or alloy wheels for delivery, collection or fitment.

Speak to your local ATS Euromaster Agri Service Centre and let them know the following details so that they can recommend the right wheel:

  • Rim Diameter • Offset
  • Stud Hole Amount • Size
  • Type • Offset of Knave
  • Steel or Alloy


Puncture and Tyre Repairs

Before replacing a tyre, an assessment will be made as to whether it is safe to make a repair. If a repair is possible, our high quality repairs will last the life of the tyre and conform to the relevant British Standards.


Tyre Tubes

We off a full range of tubes for replacement or retro-fitting. All we need are the full tyre size details.


Wheel Conversions

New vehicles don't always arrive with the wheels and tyres most suitable for the application you intend to use them for. We offer expert advice on wheel conversions, working in conjunction with the manufacturers to change the wheel type and size to accommodate narrower or larger tyres as required by your specific farming application for example spraying or ploughing.

Wheel conversions can also be required to accommodate duel wheels (Twinning).

We may need to visit your site to obtain measurements of the vehicle in question, as the lead and load of a vehicle must be kept within its manufacturer's guidelines.


Test Sets

If you want to see if a new tyre brand or pattern provides the right solution for your farming needs, we have relationships with tyre manufacturers to arrange for test sets at a reduced price* in order to prove and track their success.

*Please note this is only available through certain manufacturers and includes assessment of the tyre requirements for your particular application.