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Managed Accounts at ATS Euromaster

Our Managed Accounts service offers a wide range of benefits for maximum convenience. Including fleet list management, a fully outsourced authorisation process and detailed reporting.

Fleet List Management

  • Work can only be booked to fleet vehicles
  • Can be used to identify specific vehicle details such as location, tyre size or hirer
  • Can be updated instantaneously


Rules Sets & Authorisation:

  • Pre-authorisation via automated Online Authorisation System
  • Driven by customer defined Rule Sets
  • Work that fails to validate is referred to a dedicated Validations Team


Invoicing Solutions:

  • Consolidated invoicing with electronic backing data
  • Centrally controlled
  • Full Transparency
  • Different Pricing Structures
  • Split Fleet Billing


Reporting & Analysis:

  • Range of reports available daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly
  • KPI analysis, damage/worn notification, spend analysis
  • Reporting on cost hot-spots