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Image for COMPUTER ALIGN FRONT & REAR from ukb2b
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Image for COMPUTER ALIGN FRONT & REAR from ukb2b


Car 'pulling' to one side? Tyres not wearing evenly?

Your wheels may be incorrectly aligned. Correct alignment is important as it reduces friction on the road helping to optimise your vehicle's fuel consumption and tyre life.

Computerised Wheel Alignment at ATS Euromaster

- The latest computerised checking equipment
- Alignment adjusted to the manufacturer's original specification
- Far higher degree of accuracy than conventional methods
- Equipment will be positioned on your car in the workshop area
- You will see the alignment reading on the screen in reception
- Good alignment will show as a green area in the green zone on the screen
- Watch as adjustments are made
- Ask for print outs of the readings before and after the process
- The computer records the readings each time you have your wheels aligned

Book a front and rear axle computerised wheel alignment online today and one of our expert technicians will adjust your tracking in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer's specifications.