Vehicle Servicing at ATS Euromaster

If you run a fleet of cars or vans, it’s important to make sure that they are routinely serviced. This can help prevent any unwanted fleet downtime caused by easily preventable damage, as well as maximising your fleet’s cost effectiveness.

Car & van servicing at ATS Euromaster includes vital work such as an oil and filter change along with an in-depth check of each vehicle, giving you a better idea of its overall condition and pointing out any areas that may be worth keeping an eye on for any future work, so you can be aware of any potential issues before they arise.

  • Attractive pricing
  • 50 point check included in Standard Services
  • 55 point Comprehensive Service adds Air & Fuel Filter changes, 4 standard spark plugs and a wheel alignment & balancing check.
  • Include tyre and brake inspections
  • All parts come with a 12 month or 12,000 mile guarantee
  • All parts used are of matching quality to the original equipment parts


Many customers choose to service their vehicles and carry out an MOT test at the same time. More than 60 ATS Euromaster centres across the UK also offer Class 7 MOTs, which are suitable for commercial vans up to a design gross weight of 3.5 tonnes, so you can keep your fleet healthy and road legal. 

Find out more about business MOT testing for Car & Van fleets


Standard fleet servicing 

A standard service at ATS Euromaster includes a 50 point check to make sure that your vehicles are safe on the road and unlikely to break down as a result of easy to avoid damage.

Standard servicing also includes an oil and filter change; we use Mobil oil to ensure satisfaction and lasting performance for all of our customers.

Other vital fluids are topped up as part of the standard service including power steering fluid, clutch oil and screen wash, helping your fleet to stay mobile.

Comprehensive fleet servicing

Our Comprehensive servicing at ATS Euromaster includes all the checks and fluid replacement of the standard service as well as spark plug and fuel filter replacement to bring you a 55 point check and service.

Standard spark plugs and filters need to be replaced on a semi-regular basis, but less frequently than oil and oil filters. As a result, for businesses with high-mileage fleets, comprehensive services may be needed much more frequently.  

Parts quality 

We use parts of matching quality or higher on all the work that we carry out on your vehicle that are fitted by our expertly trained team of technicians.  

Vehicle Maintenance Service Terms & Conditions 

  1. ATS Euromaster Vehicle Maintenance Servicing consists of multi-point inspections which cover the most common checks covered in vehicle manufacturers’ servicing schedules.
  2. The ATS Service Packages may vary from the servicing requirements of vehicle warranty providers. Where a vehicle is under warranty (whether new or used) the Customer is advised to check to ensure the Service Package provided by ATS Euromaster will not invalidate the warranty.
  3. Timing Belts (otherwise referred to as Camshaft Drive Belts) are not checked or replaced as part of the ATS Service Packages. Customers are advised to check the vehicle manufacturers’ guidelines for details of when this should be done.
  4. ATS Euromaster Vehicle Maintenance Servicing is only available at selected ATS Service Centres. Enter your postcode or town into our store locator to check local availability.