Car and Van Air Conditioning for Fleets at ATS Euromaster

Though often overlooked, recharging your fleet’s air conditioning does more than just keep your drivers cool in the hot weather. Air conditioning systems lose as much as 10-15% of their gas every year, causing your vehicles to potentially use more fuel as the air conditioning systems struggle to reach the desired temperature.

ATS Euromaster provides:

- Free air conditioning checks at ATS Euromaster
- R134A refrigerant air conditioning re-gases available at more than 260 centres across the UK
- Keep your drivers happy and healthy all throughout the summer with rejuvenating, cool air
- Help de-mist windscreens during winter, allowing your vehicles to be ready to go whenever you are.

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Car and van air conditioning anti-bacterial treatment

In a large number of cases, your vehicle air conditioning will need an anti-bacterial clean. A build-up of dirt and bacteria in the system can impact its efficiency and cause unpleasant smells when using the system so we offer air conditioning packages for your fleet vehicles that include both a recharge and an anti-bacterial treatment.