Car and Van Brakes for Fleets at ATS Euromaster

Brake maintenance is vital to the seamless running of cars and vans, along with any other vehicles in your fleet. The benefits of routine brake work are numerous, from preventing potential damage to brake discs & drums to increasing driver safety.

At ATS Euromaster we provide a choice of brake inspections, with a free visual inspection available, which is perfect for determining the remaining usefulness of brake pads and discs. Alternatively a full brake check is also available, where all wheels are removed, providing you with a full run-down of brake components including the shoes, drums, calipers and brake hoses, as applicable.

- Fixed price brake pads & discs for all major models
- Free drive-in visual brake inspections
- High quality parts used

Find out more about regular van maintenance with our fleet inspections for Cars & Vans.

Free fleet brake inspections

At ATS Euromaster we offer a free visual brake assessment for the cars and vans in your fleet. These inspections are perfect for determining the overall condition of your fleet’s braking systems. 

Many businesses find this helpful as it gives an overview of how long it may be before brake pads or discs might need to be replaced, as well as allowing fleet managers to gain an up-to-date status of the fleet’s overall health and any potential issues that might arise in the future.

Full brake inspections for your fleet

If required or as part of a service, we will perform an in-depth check of your fleet’s major brake components. It is recommended that these checks are carried out to ensure that your vehicles are completely safe on the road, while helping to reduce downtime of your fleet.

Full brake inspections include:

- All wheels removed
- Front and rear system inspection
- Brake fluid boiling point test
- Brake fluid level inspection
- Front and rear brake pads or shoes inspection
- Front and rear brake discs or drums inspection
- Front and rear calipers or cylinders inspection
- Front and rear brake pipes inspection
- Brake servo test
- Master cylinder test
- Hand brake test
- Full brake inspection report provided

If you request a full brake inspection, the cost will be deducted from any potential required brake work that is subsequently carried out on your fleet within seven days of the inspection.

Brake maintenance benefits for businesses

Regardless of whether you are the fleet manager of an international logistics chain, or run a small, local business, ensuring that your vehicles’ brakes are working safely is paramount for your operation. Regular checks and replacement of brake pads or shoes can not only improve vehicle safety and performance but can also help you save money, as brake components that are worn excessively can cause costly damage to other components.

Above all else, healthy brakes in your fleet’s cars and vans increase the safety to your drivers as well as other road users and pedestrians, enhancing your duty of care to the general public.

Do I need a brake inspection?

Some customers only choose to have a brake inspection when a component on their vehicle is already worn or showing signs of wear.

Common signs that a vehicle’s brakes are in need of attention include:

- Noises (often in the form of a squeal)
- Juddering under braking
- Vehicle veering to one side while braking
- Poor braking performance (a longer than normal stopping distance)

Routine checks of your fleet’s brakes can help prevent these symptoms before they occur, but a brake check should be able to diagnose these problems easily, with a proposed fix.