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MASTER SERV 100.01 - 150.00

As our roads get busier, tyre damage gets ever more common. At best this means a costly repair and at worst it means a new tyre - especially frustrating if the damaged one still has thousands of miles of wear left in it.

For a small, one-off payment, MasterService Tyre Care provides:

- FREE Roadside Tyre Assistance anywhere in the UK and Europe for 3 years
- FREE puncture repair or replacement [1]
- FREE wheel rebalancing
- FREE Roadside Tyre Assistance

FREE Roadside Tyre Assistance

MasterService Tyre Car warranty entitles you to Roadside Tyre Assistance across the UK and the whole of Europe for the period of three years from the date of purchase of MasterService Tyre Care. Wherever you have a blow-out or puncture, we'll change your tyre on the spot or tow you to the nearest ATS Euromaster or Euromaster Service Centre to sort it there.

FREE Puncture Repair or Replacement

We'll repair any tyre covered by MasterService Tyre Care free of charge in the event of a puncture. Our service includes free valves and balancing and, if the tyre's beyond repair, you'll get 100% discount on a new one of a similar tyre type depending on how much tread is left.

Tread Depth Remaining Discount
Greater than 6mm FREE new tyre
Over 4mm - 6mm Price on the day less 65% discount
2mm - 4m Price on the day less 35% discount
Below 2mm No discount

[1] Free replacement if tread depth is greater than 6mm or scaleable discounts if less than this
[2] Subject to tyre inspection by ATS Euromaster

FREE Rebalancing

After the initial balancing fee, further rebalancing of any tyre that's covered by MasterService Tyre Care will be carried out free of charge.

How much does it cost?

Description Price (Per tyre)
MasterService Tyre Care on tyres up to the value of £75.00 £5.99
MasterService Tyre Care on tyres valus between £75.01 - £100.00 £7.99
MasterService Tyre Care on tyre value between £100.01 - £150.00 £9.99
MasterService Tyre Care on tyres above the value of £150.00 £12.99

To contact Tyreassist for Roadside Assistance, telephone the 24 Hour Emergency Helpline on:

From the UK please call: 01737 815209
From Europe please call: +44 (0) 1737815209

Please provide:
- Vehicle registration
- Name and Home Postcode
- Vehicle make, model and colour
- Location
- An indication of the nature of the problem