Commercial Fleet Tyre Inspections


Problems with tyres and punctures are among the most common causes of breakdowns among trucks, vans and cars. The best way to reduce fleet downtime is to ensure that all tyres are regularly checked and well maintained to ensure their roadworthiness. That's why at ATS Euromaster, we provide electronic tyre checks to suit every fleet size and budget to make sure that your vehicles stay on the road for longer.

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Our inspections can tell you exactly which tyres require services including regrooving, twinning and tyre replacement. Using the latest tyre inspection technology, we can also identify which tyres could become an issue later on, allowing you to act before any fleet downtime happens.


  • Scheduled tyre inspections
  • Electronic testing to ensure accuracy
  • Prolong tyre life and minimise risk of failure
  • Identify potential hazards before they happen
  • Reduce fleet downtime
  • Tailored to your tyre policy
  • 40 dedicated Fleet Inspection experts
  • Reports on individual tyres
  • Supports your Duty of Care


Our tyre inspections are offered in three service tiers, meaning that you can benefit from cost-effective reporting regardless of your fleet's size and budget.


Routine tyre health checks can help you save money across your entire fleet by giving you greater visibility of your individual vehicle expenditure as well as identifying any potential issues before they have taken place, saving you downtime and ensuring your fleet retains consistent reliability. Speak to one of our expert Account Managers for more information on how a Fleet Inspection can benefit your fleet.