Tyre Fitting

Tyre fitting for your fleet vehicles is available either in-Centre or at a location to suit you using one of our Mobile Fitting vans. ATS Technicians are expertly trained to industry leading standards to enable quick and safe fitting on wheels for cars and vans of all sizes. All fitments include the appropriate valve and balancing services, as well as disposal of the old tyre in accordance with our environmental policy.


1) Valve: We recommend replacing the valve with each and every tyre change, to help maintain the correct tyre pressure and avoid further aging, damage or deterioration. We will also replace missing valve caps to prevent any dust or dirt from getting into your new tyre.

2) Balancing: Fitting a new tyre may disrupt your vehicle's wheel balance. Unbalanced wheels can cause unnecessary and uncomfortable driving vibrations and contribute to accelerated wear on tyres, steering and suspension. Our experts will check the wheel balance after fitting tyres and adjust it accordingly if required, before the vehicle is handed back to the driver.

3) Disposal: All the tyres we remove are disposed of in accordance with our strict disposal policy to minimise environmental impact.