MasterCare Car & Van Fleet Tyre Inspections 


An all-in-one proactive visit and rectify solution

Mastercare helps to maximise your fleet’s uptime and prevent avoidable headaches and costs.

Ideal if you run a very large fleet or don’t have a fleet manager in place. We’ll record your fleet’s tyre health, and provide you with a real-time view with our recommendations of necessary work, to minimise downtime in the future.

These checks can be done at a time convenient for you, without impacting those most profitable hours of your working day.

You can feel rest assured that you’re minimising risk for both your fleet and drivers of unforeseen issues, whilst being fully legally compliant too.

Benefits of fleet tyre inspections

  •   Scheduled tyre inspections
  •   Identify potential hazards before they happen 
  •   Electronic testing to ensure accuracy
  •   Reduce fleet downtime
  •   Prolong tyre life and minimise risk of failure   
  •   Tailored to your tyre policy 
  •   Reports on individual tyres 
  •   40 dedicated Fleet Inspection experts

Our free visual checks make sure that your tyres are all within the legal requirements and include a summary of all your vehicles inspected and requiring further action. We will also provide you with an inspection schedule that works around your availability, meaning that your fleet can run with the reliability and consistency your business needs. 

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MasterCARE 1 provides comprehensive tyre checks that are entirely in-line with your own bespoke tyre policy. This includes in-depth checks and recording of tyre wear and damage to your fleet’s tyres to give a better idea of the overall health of your vehicles, letting you take action before any potential issues arise. This is supported by on demand management reports that include a complete fleet analysis and any recommended work that may be required.

MasterCARE 1 also guarantees accurate, online real-time reports, allowing you access wherever you are, with the ability to update your fleet list at any time. All reports are uploaded within minutes of inspection and are available for you to view online immediately after uploading.


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