Car and Van Nitrogen Tyre Inflation for Fleets at ATS Euromaster

There are plenty of reasons to keep your fleet of car and van tyres at their optimum recommended pressures. But whether you're focused on longer tyre life, vehicle safety, fuel efficiency or reduced CO2 output, it's worth talking to our experts about Nitrogen Tyre Inflation.

The science behind Nitrogen Tyre Inflation

It's inevitable that the air in your tyres will escape through the sidewall of the tyre. However, nitrogen molecules are much larger than the oxygen molecules found in the air meaning they pass through the sidewalls of tyres at a much slower rate. Less seepage means that the correct tyre pressure is maintained for longer.

At ATS Euromaster, the equipment we use purges your tyres of the current gas (deflates them) and re-fills them using nitrogen that has been taken from the air and purified. This is done on all 4 tyres at the same time and takes a matter of minutes.

Once you have nitrogen in your tyres, ideally you should keep the pressure topped up using nitrogen to a minimum of 95%. If you need to top up using compressed air, this is fine but it will dilute the nitrogen content in the tyres.

The benefits of Nitrogen Inflation may amount to small figures by individual vehicle, but across your whole fleet these benefits really start to stack up.