Mid-Range Car and Van Tyres at ATS Euromaster

If you are looking for tyres that will deliver great performance and last a while, but aren't prepared to pay for some of the premium branded tyres then finding a mid range set is your best alternative.

At ATS Euromaster we stock some of the best mid range tyres from brands such as Avon, BFGoodrich, Cooper, Hankook, Kenda
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Why Choose Mid-Range Tyres?

When selecting tyres for your car, you will want something that can deliver on performance, safety and not wear down quickly. It is the engineering that goes into these tyres that will aid in your selection.

However, while premium brands are best known for delivering on this, they can come with a hefty price tag. To get the best balance of price and specifications, mid range tyres are the ones most likely to deliver.

What Driving Style Best Suits Mid-Range Car Tyres?

Mid range tyres tend to be the best option if you are the kind of driver who needs their car for getting to and from work, transporting your family around and other frequent journeys.

If you are not the kind of driver who puts a lot of strain on their vehicle, driving over harsh terrain and through tough conditions, then mid range tyre prices offer the best balance for what could be compromised on performance.

For the average driver, they offer great performance in wet and dry conditions, can corner well and it will take a great number of journeys before they wear out.

What Are The Most Popular Mid-Range Tyre Brands?

At ATS Euromaster we sell some of the best mid range tyres from an excellent selection of providers. Our mid range tyre brands include BF Goodrich, Hankook, Kleber, Kenda, Cooper, Avon and Uniroyal. Below are some of the ranges we have for sale.

These tyres have been commissioned for use in motorsports racing, so you know they will provide excellent handling and grip even when exposed to harsh elements. The company is owned by Cooper Tire and Rubber Company, who are specialists in tyre manufacturing for passenger cars and light trucks.

If you drive a 4x4 vehicle then BF Goodrich has a great range of tyres available to you. It is a world leader in rally tyres, which is testament to the handling and performance that it can provide.

The South Korean company has been building a reputation for quality in the UK for over 30 years. It creates a number of original equipment tyres and replacement tyres for a range of vehicles.