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Since the launch of the Camso brand in July of 2015, the company has added a series of next-generation skid steer, telehandler and wheel loader tyres to its line-up of tyres for the heavy-duty construction industry. Camso reports that it is accelerating efforts to phase in Camso branded products while making it easier to choose the right tyre or track in a sea of complex niche applications.

SOLIDEAL XTRA WALL  - specialist tyres for skid steer loaders

Tyre life. A built-in rim protector provides these tyres with additional resistance to the wear and tear that’s an unavoidable part of working in extreme construction environments. Impact damage and its repercussions on your business’s uptime are therefore significantly minimised.

Puncture resistance. The heavy-duty sidewall, a primary construction feature of these Solideal tyres, results in fewer punctures, saving you the time, money and effort involved in handling flat tyres. The rim guard makes a key contribution to the impressive durability of these tyres.

Traction. Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your skid loaders will always have traction they can rely on. Extreme off-road conditions are more effectively tackled with tyres that have inbuilt stone and debris ejection and the hauler stepped tread of the XTRA WALL from Solideal optimises the tyre’s self-cleaning abilities. The extra wide lug design also contributes to an increase in machine stability, keeping your vehicles safe and on the job.


SOLIDEAL 4L 13 -  cross-ply (bias) pneumatic tyres for telehandlers, compact wheel loaders and mini-dumpers with a superior on-road performance.

Versatile directional tread pattern with centre block. This premium multi-purpose Solideal tyre comes with a directional tread pattern and centre block. This reduces vibration to improve driver comfort and protect the mechanical components of your compact construction equipment. The void-to-lug ratio of 40-45% makes these tyres ideal for on/off road applications, making this a truly flexible and versatile tyre.

Hauler stepped tread design .The specialised stepped design of these tyres’ tread gives the product excellent self-cleaning abilities. Maximum stone and debris ejection ensures high levels of traction even when working on difficult terrain.

Open shoulder tread design. Excellent traction off-road is also guaranteed through the high void at the shoulder area of these tyres.

Heavy-duty carcass. Construction tyres require extra durability to withstand the pressures of their extreme work conditions. The Solideal 4L 13 features an extra heavy-duty construction, which provides increased stability and greater resistance to side impacts. The carcass has been designed for high versatility in a wide range of applications.


SOLIDEAL 4L R1 - This versatile product from Solideal is especially indicated for use on telehandlers, backhoe loaders and mini-dumpers.

Tyre life. These heavy-duty construction tyres have been specifically engineered for the level of strength and durability needed for the harsh, off-road conditions your work vehicles face on a daily basis. The 4L R1 tyre shows a high side-impact resistance thanks to the robust carcass design, which protects your tyres from wear and tear.

Puncture resistance. Ensuring superior protection against flats is an essential quality in tyres for telehandlers, backhoe loaders and mini-dumpers. The highly durable material used in the SOLIDEAL 4L R1 safeguards against impact damage.

Traction. Unfailing traction provides you with the peace of mind of knowing your vehicles are safe and secure while in operation. These high-traction Solideal tyres feature the dynamic, curved R1 tread pattern which improves their tractive performance as well as providing a smoother ride. The hauler stepped design also supports improved traction through enhancing the tyre’s self-cleaning capacity.