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Truck Wheel Torquing


There's nothing more important than the protection of your drivers and members of the public. That's why we follow strict guidelines on truck wheel torquing and retorquing.

ATS Euromaster adhere to strict, industry standard guidelines to ensure the maximum safety of your vehicles when it comes to retorquing.


If the wheel nuts are found to be too tight:



  • Studs could break and/or become difficult to remove
  • Cracks can form in the rims
  • Threads become deformed and nuts may loosen
  • Damage could occur to your brake discs and/or drums



If the wheel nuts are too loose:



  • Damage may occur to the wheel fixings and/or vehicle nut
  • The threads in the nuts may be damaged
  • Wheel loss could occur



As you can see, wheel torquing is an important part of keeping your fleet and drivers safe. ATS Euromaster offer both torquing and retorquing services for trucks, so why not enquire today?