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Truck tyres available at ATS Euromaster
Truck tyres available at ATS Euromaster

At ATS Euromaster we know the difference that the right set of tyres can make to your entire fleet, making your vehicles safer and more reliable, while saving your business money every year. When you use ATS Euromaster you don’t just get truck tyres; you get access to the largest industrial and agricultural tyre suppliers in the UK, our mobile call-out service and years of experience from our team of highly-qualified experts.

Truck Tyre Fleet Management

Keeping an entire fleet of vehicles moving reliably is hugely important to any business so at ATS Euromaster we are dedicated to making sure that we make it as easy as possible for fleet managers to get the tyre performance they need with an exceptional level of service. 

When you come to ATS Euromaster for tyres for your fleet you can expect some great services. These include:

  • 170 truck tyre centres across the UK
  • The UK’s largest mobile fitting fleet with more than 820 service vans
  • 24/7 365 roadside assistance with an average response time of 90 minutes (2018)
  • MasterCARE comprehensive fleet inspections
  • European coverage across 17 countries
  • No additional cost for fitting tyres at centres or during mobile callouts during regular business hours
  • A reliable, unbiased serviced from one of the most experienced truck tyre providers in Europe.

Find out more about all of our truck wheels.

Our highly-skilled experts listen to your company’s exact needs and make recommendations to ensure that you get the best set of tyres for your fleet, making sure that you get the most reliable tyres for your money and getting rid of unnecessary downtime for your vehicles.

Regular tyre checks aren’t just useful for making sure your fleet’s tyres last as long as possible, but they also make sure that your fleet is as fuel efficient as possible, helping you save money quickly and effectively. 

Rigid & Articulated Trucks

We provide tyres for both rigid and articulated lorries, so your entire fleet can keep moving regardless of size and load. We also provide regrooving, twinning and turn on rim services so you can get extra mileage and value for your money.


Trailer tyres are every bit as important as the tyres on the tractor unit, but they are often overlooked. Making sure that your trailer’s tyres are in good condition ensures that you get miles more of uninterrupted driving. 

Tipper & Dumper

Much like any other vehicle, tipper and dumper truck tyres play a vital part in the vehicles’ performance. Due to the vast amount of weight that the trucks have to endure and the high risk of damage it is hugely important to make sure that each truck uses a tyre suitable for the loads carried. That’s why our experts are on-hand to make sure you get the right tyres for your vehicles and your needs. 


When you’re transporting precious cargo you need to know that your fleet is safe on the road and more than able to cope with the added weight. Our selection of premium tyres will ensure that your drivers and their cargo reach their destination safely whatever the weather.


When transporting live animals you need to ensure that your freight is safe, secure and comfortable at all times. Our expert engineers can help make sure you get the best tyres to help protect your cargo whether you plan on travelling long distance or over tricky terrain.